There is the story of a well in Ireland
that was abused so then could not be found
by any but the true seeker who would be led
to where it was by one who kept its secrets.

There is the story of a well in Wales
whose guardian was dishonoured so it flooded
and made a great lake, but she would come
from the waters to greet any with the right token.


There are stories of The Well at the World’s End
that many seek for far away, but find
near to home where the Otherworld spring pulses
through in some hidden place in the world we know.

Seek out the source of the crystal waters,
the rising spring that runs into the gathering stream.
Speak out the spells that the well maid waits for
as a salve for her sorrows to wash away her pain.


Author: Greg Hill

Awenydd/Poet, Cultural Critic

4 thoughts on “WELLS”

  1. Most beautiful thing I’ve ever read by you. Gorgeous and very clear like the water. Also the first picture really was great for setting the tone .

    1. Thanks for your comment Heather.

      All three pics are mine.
      The first and last were taken at places near to where I live in Wales. I’ve used the first before and someone else asked permission to use it a while back but I’m not sure what she did with it. The middle one is from a woodland in the border area between England and Scotland.

      1. Well, I think that your art visually setting the tone with that amazing photograph is really excellent for going into the most beautifully descriptive writing I’ve read by you . I’m a really visual thinker and I’m realizing that poetry which has a lot of visuals , like word images , is a lot easier for me to comprehend . It’s kind of cool to figure out what it is that made poetry intimidating and then what are the things that make it easier for me . This is just so direct . And I think that the combination of the great art with the great art makes it great art LOL.

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