Bardic Lore


For each Nine  – a Tithe of song that is sung
Secretly where the silent harp is strung

Seith Vgein ogyruen
Yssyd yn Awen

Yn Annwyfn y diwyth

Seven Score ogyrwen
Are there in Awen

Shaped in Annwfn

If words can be words of power, nine powerful songs may be sung in the world of things : songs of celebration, of appreciation, of manipulation; each of these threefold. Know that the source of their power is in the tenth song ( though truly it is the first song) sung from a place beyond and before words where the Spirit dwells  and power is quiescent, though potential.

Here the Druid shapes a song without words or music save the music of the spheres. Here the skills of the Ovate and the utterance of the bard have their essence.

Here is a place  as  far away as a distant star and yet as close as breath.


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