Calan Mai









Mayday, but not time just yet to honour her coming
From the Otherworld – Rhiannon on a pale white horse
Evanescing like a glimpse of a first leaf in twilight – there
Then not there – as shadows rise and fall at the edge

Of the wood. I’ll wait for another turn of the Moon,
A new crescent, for a sign of her season; for leaves
Burgeoning bringing green light to the hawthorn,
And then blossom. So I will bright her horse,

With a new coat of whiteness to welcome her:
A new shrine for her coming when summer breezes
Dance in the leaves as her horse slows to turn
And she reigns to be among us once again.


altar with rose petals

Author: Greg Hill

Awenydd/Poet, Cultural Critic

One thought on “Calan Mai”

  1. We have some of the flowers of May here – bluebells and mayflowers, but are also missing the hawthorn blossom. I’m sure the elder had started flowering at this time last year too but can’t be sure. Must be the result of the Beastie… I can see why you are waiting to see Rhiannon’s white coat.

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