Even before the snow came, the offering cup was frozen in Mererid’s fountain and encased in ice. In the bright, clear days of last week the solar cell had caught enough sunlight to work the pump which I had removed before Midwinter but replaced after Imbolc. Water flowed from under the ice and poured down to melt the frozen layer on the surface of the water. Now it is all frozen solid  and I’m not sure if it is irreparably damaged and won’t know until it thaws. Some early blooms that had appeared as heralds of Spring have been laid low or shivered by the frost. So February ended.


Up until now the snow cover here on the west coast has been light and the sub-zero temperatures not so low as just a few miles inland on the mountains. But tonight we are getting a blizzard as winds whip in snow for a white-out as the rain-laden air of Storm Emma from the Atlantic collides with the colder air that has been pressing on Britain from the East for the last week or so.

The Frost Giants stand their ground
As West Wind calls the tune
This is a tale that the gods will tell
In the snow light of a March Full Moon.

There are two Full Moons this month. Between one and the other the Spring may find a way out of Winter.