Sacred Waters


Mererid’s Well – her spring of waters
Remembered here to recall her story
Bearing the cup of the land’s memory.

Here too a stone from another spring:
Coventina’s Well, long lost and forgotten
Called back from the deep pool of oblivion.

Now two more stones for Belisama
From where the Ribble ripples over her bed,
To add to this altar to sacred waters.



  1. Mererid’s story is remembered HERE
  2. My visit to Coventina’s Well is described HERE
  3. The stones for Belisama were collected by Lorna Smithers and shared with myself and Lee Davies as part of a meeting to discuss the BRYTHON project. A BRYTHON  blog will ensue at Calan Mai.





Author: Greg Hill

Awenydd/Poet, Cultural Critic

2 thoughts on “Sacred Waters”

  1. It’s lovely to see Belisama’s stones beside offerings for Mererid and Coventina 🙂 The stone I kept is on Belisama’s shrine with your poem. ‘Belisama loyw-belydrus’ – does this mean Belisama shining brightly or something along those lines?

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